Month: December 2018

Hypercars of the future — what are the coolest wheels on earth?

Hypercars of the past were ridiculous, gas-guzzling monsters. But high-end vehicles of the future will have brains to go with the beauty and brawn. Here’s a look at some amazing new hypercars coming soon. What is a hypercar? The definition is flexible, but most hypercars are powerful supercars with futuristic features and look-at-me body work. What […]

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Holiday gift guide 2018 – Smart gadgets to make your life easier

From self-driving vehicles to smart refrigerators, technology has provided us with a solution for just about everything. While it may seem too futuristic to have an entire home of smart devices and appliances, having one or a few can totally change your life. Something as simple as reminders can be automated and you can even […]

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